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I remember sitting down to record my first video like it was yesterday! I set up my ring light and opened Instagram... Only to delete the one minute of video over 10 times before I finally settled and posted it.

I started booking clients from my short form video content even though I had no idea what I was doing.

Since then I have perfected a video marketing method for myself and my clients and the results are AMAZING!

In this webinar we will cover...

Results of the Strategies You'll Learn:


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🎉 Live 90 minute Presentation Style Training Video (+ the replay)

🎉 Presentation Workbook 

🎉 TikTok & Reels Example Sheet

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1️⃣ FREE Short Form Video Strategy Planner & Calendar Sheet [$70 Value]

2️⃣ FREE Access to the Ethical & Modern Therapist's Guide to Instagram Stories Mini Course
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The Investment

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Questions that will be answered...

👉  What is short form video content?

👉 Why should business owners be making short form video content?

👉 What do you need to get started & be successful (based on your unique goals)? 

👉 What if I'm not comfortable on video? What if I'm not comfortable using the tech?

👉 What are the three checks and hacks that can increase your viral potential? (15 different angles - with endless combinations - to approach this)

👉 Any tips before posting on Instagram Reels? TikTok?

👉 Why and how can I incorporate storytelling?

PLUS Live Q&A at the end of the masterclass to give you support specific to your unique position!



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