What you're saying doesn't matter...

Allow me to explain, though I'm sure you've heard this before:

If you speak to everyone, you speak to no one.

It's true, and so it isn't that far of a stretch to say that it doesn't matter what you're saying, it matters who you're saying it to.

When we're talking about marketing our businesses online it's important to acknowledge the amount of noise that exists in the spaces we're occupying. We want to be really clear when the small amount of traffic that is ideal clientele lands, they know instantaneously we're for them.

This is a delicate balance of educational, personal and inspirational content... But there's a fourth type of content you need to post which is often overlooked, especially for mental health professionals!

Any guesses? Did you roll your eyes because this is a blog post? Fair.

It's Promotional.

Did I lose you to icky, salesy feels? I get that often from therapists.

Here's the thing folks, knowledge is power and this information grants access. If we're going to break down the systems that prevent underprivileged groups from accessing mental health services for any and all reasons we have to work toward breaking the stigma.

You are here to serve, your offerings are invaluable and potential clients can't buy in if they don't know what's on the table. Client experience and reducing barriers to entry are so important! But often minimized. We can have that conversation another time...

So how can we speak to the right-for-us-clientele, promote our service offerings with ease and create access for all people?

  1. Define your niche! Get clear on your ideal client avatar; or a few of them. Start here.

  2. Start promoting, practice makes... normal? If you don't start it'll never feel better or get easier!

  3. Create original content, that contains your effort or energy. What do those without access need to know? Got it? Now cram as much of it into a Canva graphic and an Instagram caption of 2200 words or less!

Content marketing is the ticket to attracting clients you're actually passionate about servicing. Maybe that's not your goal, but I can guarantee it will help you achieve any of the objectives you have being on social media!

Nail down your niche, demographics and psycho-graphics, so you can effectively execute content marketing and release only that which speaks directly to you ideal client and target market. Download my latest guide now, It's Nice to Niche.

Talk next week!