10 Tips for Creating & Sharing Short Form Video Content Online

Short form video content is HOT right now… It’s actually been HOT for a hot minute so if you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon or you’re not sure you’re really rocking it… READ ON.

There are countless ways for you to show up in short form video content in a way that is comfortable for you and serves your audience powerfully. If you’re looking for suggestions on how to record video content check out my other blogs 5 Ways to Make Reels Without Being on Video and TikTok for Therapists: I Refuse to Point and Dance.

Here are 10 tips every helping professional should read before starting or as they begin to take this content creation thing seriously:

1. Consider what keeps you watching

Consume mindfully with the intent to notice what you find engaging - both from folks within your industry and from other creators. Consider how you can leverage the patterns you notice to experiment with and test different content styles to engage your audience.

2. Piggy-backing on trends = familiarity

Not only will using trending sounds on Reels or TikTok boost your chances of going viral, but you’re also leveraging the familiarity your audience already has with a particular trend. When it comes to social media, specifically short form video content, we need to deliver information at a glance in order to remain competitive.

The problem with psycho-educational content online is that it doesn’t always deliver easily digestible information at a glance. Early adopter therapy influencers have mastered this challenge by implementing storytelling content & post to entertain. They are now leveraging the familiarity their own face brings across short form social channels.

3. Increasing average watch time helps you gain & sustain viewership within the algorithm

Use algorithm checks to ensure your videos are garnering engagement through increased watch time and interactions.

Create videos which prompt the audience to watch until the end or re-watch the video to increase the average watch time.

Ask for interactions by adding a call to action to interact with the video; like, comment, share if this was helpful. Or prompt watchers to click to your profile for a series or to review another piece of content you shared previously.

4. Use a hook

A hook is an opening statement that piques the reader’s interest. Using a hook to begin your content can be extremely powerful to ensure you’re attracting the right viewers and having them become an engaged part of your audience.

5. Leverage storytelling

Stories connect us. Stories in business create a junction between our online presence and our audience.

Your brand’s story isn’t just what you’ve written on your website. It’s the value you offer, your mission (or purpose or vision) and how you communicate that consistently with your audience.

Stories are entertaining, too. Try experimenting with storytelling in your short form video content by using the three basic elements of the story. You’ll need a defined character (at least one), a conflict and a resolution.

6. Don’t focus on authenticity

Authentic presenters aren’t focused on being authentic. Don’t worry about how you look or sound, focus on serving your audience! When you remain in service to your audience you’ll always be providing a genuine presentation.

Don’t forget to lean into self-compassion! Your video content is going to improve greatly over time.

7. Record from a place of knowledge

In order to operate with integrity online, stick to what you know! Talking & teaching through short form video content is easier when you cover topics you know! You don’t have to worry about staying up to date on all the trends... Or create content covering things you’re not confident sharing about…

8. Give yourself plenty of time

Short form video content can be a lengthy process to produce, especially if you’re playing multiple characters, integrating fancy transitions and/or are doing out of app editing on your projects. For accessibility purposes you should consider captioning all of your content, this can add additional time to the process.

Try creating a system that accounts for all the phases of content creation you’re working through. From sourcing audio tracks to filming and caption writing, plus choosing hashtags.

It’s not just lip syncing for 15 seconds!

9. Use a script to keep it concise

For face to camera short form video content where you’ll be talking, try using a word-for-word script to help you cut filler words while delivering direct and concise value to your audience. Filming these videos in clips that include 1-3 sentences will allow you to maximize the time you spend giving value and reduce the amount of breaths and breaks your audience has to sit through.

10. Ease into creating & sharing video content

Everybody starts somewhere. You’ll be glad you chose to start now and you can always delete your cringe moments off the internet later! The quality of your video content will improve in so many ways over time, I encourage you to just start! If a slow start is all you have to offer it’s perfect, so hit post!

It's time to record!

I can’t wait to see you taking the short form video content world by storm very soon! With a willingness to create short form video content, a little strategy and some experimentation you can spread your massage far and wide as a small creator on Instagram or TikTok right now!

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