Repurposed content, more than just a time saver...

That's right folks! I said what I said. Here's the reasons you should be re-purposing your content if you're not currently doing so:

  • Saves time on content creation

  • Creates brand recognition

  • Promotes trust and positions authority

  • Explores topics in their entirety

We'll revisit that in a minute... But first, do you need a walk-through on how to re-purpose your content with ease? I've got you covered! Keep reading...

Step 1: Grab some long-form content you've previously created or create something new! If it's text aim for 2000-3000+ characters or video content. Bonus points if it's one of your content pillars!

Step 2: Write down all the various forms of content you currently create, no need to create new accounts but here's a list of what you may already be creating:

  • Lead Magnet

  • Live Video

  • Podcast/ Youtube

  • Newsletter

  • IGTV

  • Blog Post

  • Facebook Group Post

  • Story-Mini Training

  • Instagram Feed

  • LinkedIn Feed

  • LinkedIn Blog

  • Tweets & Tweet Graphics

Step 3: Identify the following in your existing content:

  • Headline Statements

  • Story telling elements

  • Transformations

  • Vulnerabilities

  • Entertaining elements

  • Inspirational elements

  • Who it's for

  • What is it (over arching topic & subsections explored and yet to explore)

  • A time it is useful

  • Why does the who need it

Step 4: It's time to write the content... with purpose! Since you now know what new (or same) form this content will take on and what the new angle/identity will be, you can further outline the content using the following prompts. When you go to write it'll be smooth sailing, no writer's block or unsure-what-to-writes here...

  • What is the goal of this piece of marketing?

  • What is the intended call to action?

  • Write the hook

Step 5: Happy dance! You can now reduce, reuse and recycle the content you're

creating/have already created. This is

definitely cause for celebration!

So earlier I mentioned these things:

  • Creates brand recognition

  • Promotes trust and positions authority

And some other stuff, but I feel my other points we're adequately covered by the above materials.

When we step into the online-Instagram-ring with other therapists, it's really important to acknowledge all the noise in the space! Because there's a lot of it. In order for our content to stand out to potential clients it must stand-out and then be compelling enough to hold their attention, but that's a blog for another time.

In addition to understanding the vast rabbit-hole that is the Instagram mental health community, we have to recognize that not every one of our followers will see every piece of content marketing we release.

If they do see what we post twice or more (but explored from different angles) it establishes authority to our readers and promotes awareness (and eventually recognition) of or brand. It can aid in retention and/or implementation of the presented information.

If you're not currently making use of a content re-purposing system, start now! Repurposed content is indeed the way, now you know how to create consistency and cohesion without posting the exact same caption across two platforms at the same time. Go you!

If you're looking for more support, join us in the Facebook community to catch a free training on this system!

Until next time, happy Instagram-ing!