5 Ways to Make Reels without Being on Video

Creating and sharing video content online as a licensed can feel like a reel (get it?) grey area at times!

Many of the clinical therapists I work with prefer to share static text content since it allows them to choose their words more carefully than with video content. Plus there’s that whole blank slate thing you’re supposed to do and all the TikTok therapists you’ve seen have personality spilling out of their ears!

So is it possible to show up and be seen in a way that doesn’t require you to point, dance or even show your face on video?!

Here at Tara On Demand we say YES! Because we believe in you and we’re giving you 5 suggestions to make this happen in this blog post!


These are exactly what they sound like! The best part is that both Instagram Reels and TikTok make this super easy to execute for you non-technical people out there (we are the same).

Voiceovers can be popular videos that offer the opportunity to go viral without ever being seen! The best part is what you add to your photo/video Reel/TikTok is up to you!

Very Therapy Example from my client Nichole Coyne

Trendy Examples Therapists Ought to Try: A Day in the Life

Example 1

Example 2

Adding Voiceovers on Reels:

Once in the preview section of Instagram Reels, tap the microphone icon at the top of the screen. Next, tap the red record button to record the audio of your voiceover as your video/photo Reel plays on the screen.

Adding Voiceovers on TikTok:

While viewing the preview before posting your TikTok, tap the Voiceover/microphone icon on the right side of the screen. Next, tap the red and white record button to record the audio of your voiceover as your video/photo TikTok plays on the screen.

Products Only

These short form videos are so popular in the therapy niche already so if you’re not doing them start! They’re popular to save & share by viewers since they want to add your faves to their must read, must try or want to buy lists.

If you have your own physical products or desire to one day this can be an easy way to promote your own products too!

Very Therapy Example from my client Stephanie Gardner-Wright (with some super cool transitions too!)

More Examples:


Voiceover + Product Only

Photo Reel

Did you know that you can add a few or a bunch of photos to your TikTok or Reel upload space & create a fun photo collage?

Not only will this style of short form video content save you time and energy but it’s also very popular as a unique content style on popular short form apps.

Use this type of Reel to tell a visual story or share a part of your journey!

Very Therapy Example from Amanda White from @therapyforwomen

More Examples:

Photography Session

Photo w/ a Twist Trend

(Here’s how to use the Photo Crop Effect on TikTok)

Eyes on Inanimate Objects

This trend is so funny it’ll have you and your audience laughing! Try combining it with trending songs to keep viewers engaged.

While I don’t have a Very Therapy Example for you, I hope to start seeing more of these from therapists soon!

To use this feature use the Green Screen Eyes and Mouth Effect on TikTok


Singing in the Shower

Missing Nerf Bullet

Spam Paid Media DMs on Instagram

Stop Motion

If you’re a Wallace and Gromit fan like me, you’re probably so excited at the inclusion of stop motion!!!

Stop Motion is an animated film making technique where objects are physically manipulated in small increments as frames are individually photographed.

Stop motion animation comes in all kinds of varieties and has played an important role in the history and evolution of animation but we don’t see it around all too often, especially in short from content online where digital animation reigns supreme.

But it’s a real treat to see it used and combined with some of the suggestions on this list like voiceovers and products only for example.

Here’s a product only, stop motion tutorial video.

And another using TikToks own Stop Motion Effect.

And one more that offers a before and after or transformation effect (the internet loves a transformation!).

You’re a BTS Video Creator

While it might take a little more imagination than pointing at text bubbles and learning the latest TikTok dance, it’s possible for you to serve more folks far and wide with your message without ever being on camera!

Small creators have such an opportunity to grow on TikTok and Instagram Reels right now, don’t let not wanting to be on camera stop you from leveraging the traffic short form videos boasts!

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