15 Reels & TikToks by Therapists Who Aren't Pointing or Dancing

There are countless ways for you to show up in short form video content in a way that is comfortable for you and serves your audience powerfully.

Stop saying you won't point at timed text bubbles. Stop saying you won't dance on the internet.

It's time to start taking notes from other modern therapists who are showing up in their short form video content and serving hundreds, thousands and in some cases millions of consumers who could use the gems they're dropping.

Many of them without ever pointing or dancing!

If you’re looking for suggestions on how to record video content that feels good for you check out my other blogs 5 Ways to Make Reels Without Being on Video & 10 Tips for Creating & Sharing Short Form Video Content Online.

1. Be Relatable by Sharing Common Experiences

These short form videos can help break down the un equal power dynamic that is often represented in therapeutic relationships portrayed in traditional media. Show us that you're human first!

Take note from Stephanie's Reel that garnered 1.4 million views

Take note from Roslyn's Reel that garnered 102K views

Take note from Melissa's Reel that garnered 340K views

Take note from Becca's Reel that garnered 51K views

2. Play Characters to Deliver Information

Storytelling is such a powerful tool for therapists in private practice and those looking to build their personal brands. To tell a story you should have at least one character, a conflict and a resolution!

Take note from Dr. Raquel's Reel that garnered 144K views

Take note from Dr. Courtney's TikTok that garnered 2 million views

Take note from Linday's TikTok that garnered 4.3 million views

Take note from Melissa's Reel that garnered nearly 800K views

Take note from Shani's Reel that garnered nearly 90K views

3. Piggy Back on Trends & Share More About Your Day-to-Day Work

Humans are snoopy AF. Show us what it's like in your day-to-day work or how you consume media online. Your audience cares about hearing your opinion even if they don't agree with it.

Trends; duets/stitches/remixes, audios and more help us to be seen more. They give viewers information at a glance often laying a foundation of understanding before they read the words you've added to the screen/hear you speak.

Take note from Maddie's TikTok that garnered 1.2 million views

Take note from Nawal's Reel that garnered nearly 600K views

Take note from @cptsdwhisperer's Reel that garnered 6M views

4. Honor a Part of Your Journey

More sharing! Defining your personal privacy and professional ethical boundaries is a great way to clearly understand your personal brand and what stories you're willing & able to share online.

Take note from Dr. Justin's TikTok that garnered over 500K views

Take note from Dr. Chanda's Reel that garnered nearly 11K views

Take note from Chrissy's Reel that garnered 124K views

5. Just Show Up and Give Value Verbally

No example needed here. These short form videos have just as much viral potential as the above creative content examples.

Keep it simple & get on video!

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