Marketing your Practice: Get Started Today

You began private practice for a plethora of reasons, I'd wager a guess one of those is to continue serving those who want and value your services!

Marketing your practice consistently means you'll have a sustainable business. That's right folks, you're running a business and you require clients to maintain the operation.

If you let it, marketing could be a full-time job itself and I know you're already short on time, so here's what you can do to get started:

I get it, you don't want to "limit prospects". But it's true if you speak to everyone, you speak to no-one. You certainly can't expect the clients of your dreams to find you and book a consultation when your messaging is generic and bland. Right?!

Think about that ideal client, this person is likely not largely defined by their demographic but rather their psycho-graphics. Try conducting market research to clarify your messaging and book more ideal clientele!

Try digging in with questions like these;

  • What makes you the most excited about [insert transformation]? How would that make you feel?

  • When it comes to [insert pain point], what's your biggest frustration/ struggle?

  • What are five (5) adjectives you would use to describe [insert their problem/ current or previous situation]?

Once you've got your niche and messaging down pat, you're well on your way to marketing your practice successfully. So where should you do it? And how will people see it (your marketing efforts) and you?

You're a smart cookie to already be concerned about visibility, after all it's the key to this marketing your business, business! So how can we ensure maximum visibility, without becoming slaves to social media?

  1. Prioritize

  2. Systematize

  3. Be Social & Searchable

How? Those are blog posts for another time! But here's where you can begin today:

Yes, I am being being dramatic and vague. In plain English, it would read:

  1. Create your Google business listing, don't skimp on this either! Complete it, completely!

  2. Make a website or pay someone to do it for you. People need to find you, online, doing what you say you do!

  3. Get on your fave social media channels as your practice! Don't over-do this, make sure you can be *consistent wherever you've chosen to show up.

*Whatever that means for you.

Once you've checked these things off the list, it's a matter of getting systematic and becoming social & searchable! Now, go forth and conquer the internet so you can save lives and change systems!

Until next time,