Why You're Not Making BANK Online

When exploring the online business space you're likely to find several entrepreneurs selling you buzz words like systems, sales, strategy, marketing, funnels…

Sometimes we even see acronyms like KPIs, P&L, ROI, USP…

Yet it seems that in the online business space folks who know what they know ⬆️ and folks who know none of the above, can exist in some cases on a level playing field.

Entrepreneurs with no professional experience or formal education/training exist in the online space with bonafide experts at their craft and yet, you can’t always tell the difference just by looking at them. So what the hell sets them apart?

It could be any number of things; their ability to craft a magnetizing personal brand, their ability to build rapport with their audience with ease, bullet proof messaging, unmatched online authority, peers and former students singing their praises…

I could go on for days. But all that and all the other points you’re thinking of (that separate you from success) boils down to one thing: self image.

I see clinicians in private practice or therapists working on alternative online offers STRUGGLE, seriously, with poor self-image in business. And it stifles their progress, slowly, subtly and insidiously. Everytime. Everytime without question.

Therapists Are Not Exempt

You chose this education and career path because it means something to you, which is why I must remind you today that you are not exempt from doing this work.

There’s the past conditioning, outdated information and unchallenged habits… not to mention the fallacious input from others.

Procrastination, reluctance, avoidance…

Call it what you wish but know that these self-sabotaging behaviors only seek to affirm your worst beliefs about yourself. They are held by the self image, in order to see the success of the systems and marketing strategy, one must break through the distortions and correct the limitations of their core beliefs.

I know you know this because this is the work you do. You have yet to apply it to your fears in starting that business/project, putting yourself out there and going for it.

When we begin to question the false beliefs held in the self image we can begin to reduce and ultimately eliminate the resistance we’re experiencing. Sales become easier, rejection isn’t about us and we trust the timing of our journey rather than seeking external and instantaneous validation.

Confronting the Problem

You have the power to make a single decision to confront the false beliefs of the self image and move toward creating a new narrative.

Make easy wins, choose business decisions which you already feel good about making.

I am not suggesting you creating a 15 module course on your favorite problem to solve for therapy clients but instead begin creating content or seeking collaborations you know will serve that population well.

Give 110%, if you don’t believe it we can’t either.

Depending on where you stand currently, this may take some hard work and imagination. But it’s time to look back on the culmination of the people you’ve served and the accomplishments you’ve made. Remind yourself of the inherent worth, value and importance of the work you do, the service you sell and the larger vision you’re reaching for.

This is important to do regularly, write a list and keep it close by when you waver.

Bob Ross said “There’s nothing in the world that breeds success like success”, there is indeed a time to fake it until you make it and this is it. As a clinician you know how powerful visualization exercises can be, it’s time to leverage the power.

Calm body, calm mind

Don’t show up to the online space with frantic, self-serving energy. That’s small dick energy. You’re in no rush, there is no timeline and if you’re privileged enough to be reading this you’re likely going to be OK if you don’t sell a single copy of your e-book. Tap into your zen therapist energy and chill out, despite what your self image keeps yelling about, nobody is watching you. Literally nobody cares about or even notices your ‘failures’.


Your self image is WHACK. Therapize your own self because without the mindset work your online business ain’t shit. CBT the heck out of all your crappy thoughts.

I have one spot remaining for my Therapists in Demand mastermind which has yet to launch publicly, if you'd like to learn more please be in touch here! Self image in business and sales will be a major focus for this group container at a low-mid ticket introductory price point. See you inside!

Talk soon,