Investing in your business is hard!

Hey helpful helpers! Today I'm speaking directly to those of you who are struggling. Not specifically with investing money in your practice or other facet of business, just struggling to invest in your ideas and dreams...

...Maybe you're not sure if you need to invest...

...Maybe you're not sure what you need to invest in...

...Maybe you haven't considered investing at all because you're uncertain what direction this business is headed in next...

...Maybe you're terrified to invest the time because you fear you'll accumulate more debt...

...Maybe you can't fathom the parent/partner you'd be if you spent anymore minutes away from your children or spouse...

Investing can be scary, especially after you've amassed enough student loan debt for the rest of your life and you're still barely making ends meet.

When I was first interested in becoming a virtual assistant, a title I've now shed, I invested $3000 in a coaching program. At the end of my time I had paved the way for myself using strategies and methodology that my coach actively taught in opposition of. The program and coach were duds.

I asked my coach questions that she didn't know the answer to...

Moreover, when I attempted to offer feedback after my final payment, the coach wasn't open to discussing my concerns or receiving feedback. I know of at least two other women from the program, making us a solid 30% of enrollments, who felt it was money wasted.

I'm not telling you this to scare you, I'm sharing it so you know your success in monetizing your online presence is not tied to others.

Since then I've invested over triple that in other programs and business coaches. Why? Because I felt it would accelerate my progress, provide support I felt I needed and give me a leg up on my competition! 😉

So let's break down how the cookie has crumbled:

My progress:

  • Since April my monthly income is up 218%

  • Served over one dozen satisfied clinicians

  • Currently serving seven (+ one non-therapist client)

  • Building a highly personalized, value based business model to be able to serve more clinicians 1:1

  • Spending more time with my family

I won't bore you with the supports I have gained but I will say they're everywhere in the world or close by and they're all so dear to me!

Furthermore that I always possessed what sets me apart from my competition from day one... my education, age and the fact that I'm not one of the following:

  1. A therapist in training

  2. A therapist currently in practice

  3. A former therapist

Not that there's anything wrong with these ⬆️ therapists helping other therapists, because the reality is they totally get you.

Herein lies the problem though: they weren't and still aren't marketing experts and they don't have a completely unbiased client perspective. 💰 That's the money!

Allow me to get back to the point instead of loving on myself shamelessly...

I'm sharing this with you, so that regardless of what you need, want or desire you can rest assured knowing it's all inside you, already.

I'm not suggesting you cave in to holistic wellness woo-woo. Make a plan, work hard, hire a team when you need to and never stop working on your mindset because you need it. Seriously.

The reality is that there are so many moving parts to branding and marketing that you may not always be getting it right, but if you have the time and/or money to invest you can certainly cut through the noise and achieve the results you seek, more quickly than you may otherwise.

Someone, somewhere is waiting for your next therapy space or other offer.

If you're looking for permission to buy that online course and spend 10 hours working through it, consider this it. I'm giving you permission to chase after and then live out your dreams, whatever helps you make it work along the way.

Talk soon,

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