Love Writing Instagram Captions?

You may have heard that captions really matter. SPOILER ALERT: It's true 😱

What you're saying matters of course, but I believe the structure of what you're saying is more important. In a lot of cases.

My message can be the greatest message on Earth. But if I can't get you to stop your scroll based on the visual image, and then also based on my headline, and the entirety of the caption.

If the text isn't formatted correctly to get you to stop and read, you're going to give up and keep scrolling.

Typically, therapists want to include as much information as possible in a caption, so that a full picture can be presented and the reality of the situation is that's just not always possible to do on Instagram.

You only have 2200 characters to say what you need to say.

With that being said, I do understand that it's important to explore topics wholly and fully, I get that from my clients often. What can we do what is we can create series or employ the use of longer form video content (Hi IGTV)

  • Keep your post concise but be sure to pique my interest.

  • Do so by asking questions

  • Use emojis, strategically

  • Use ALL CAPS

  • Make polarizing statements

  • Tell me I’m going to want to save this post

We're all skimmers because there's so much information coming at us from all directions so fast, all day every day. We're using our phones to check out and dissociate so oftentimes when we're scrolling our phones, we're not absorbing anything either.

Placing emojis in our well laid out caption and avoid big bodies of text are two great ways to format captions for success.

Think: a few lines at a time. Lists perform particularly well.

If you do this all really well you can get someone to read the most important parts of your caption, and they can discern if they want to read the whole thing in its entirety.

Once they’ve read they’ll have the option to keep scrolling or move on to comment, share, save, go to your profile, follow you etc etc - move through your sales funnel (what we want them to do).

The reality of the situation is, you have to lay it out for people. You can't get them to drink your kool-aid if they don’t know where it is...on Instagram that means you have to make sure that they're reading the captions.

And so what's in your caption also matters, you need to;

  • include a call to action

  • take us on a journey

  • not skimp on your labor

it should feel like it took time and energy because it does take time and energy to create a good caption.

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