So you want to grow your audience FAST...

So you want to grow your audience...FAST. Welcome to the club, population: every therapist on Instagram ever. There are many genuine reasons for desiring to grow a healthy following, most commonly clinicians want to grow their audience to; be taken seriously by publishers, have a fan base to sell to, serve more people with access to quality mental health information.

They want, need and expect this to happen quickly. Today I'm going to provide you a few tips to put you on the right track but I believe it's imperative to manage some of your outlandish expectations. Here's the reality of the situation...

It might take a while if you're as niched down as you need to be. You can be a fortune-cookie therapist (a therapist who is so vague, he or she speaks to everyone while often spreading misinformation) to amass a following greater than your wildest dreams or you can stick to what you know and do the work to grow that audience of true fans.

It might take awhile even if you are talking to everybody in your messaging (which I don't think is the way to go).

So what can you do to grow your following ethically, while staying true to what you know and do it quickly?

  1. Pick up momentum: Consistency compounds and consistency is key. You won't create fans without it. Find away to achieve consistency on whatever schedule works best for you. I promise you this is going to make the difference for so many of you!

  2. Collaborate: Integrate yourself and brand into all other relevant communities. This is overlooked and underused by clinicians in the space. Find niche specific places to spread the word about your super valuable, free and relevant materials (content marketing)

  3. Refine the experience: Map out your user's experience. Find the holes in your funnel and experiment with calls to action, until you get them juuuuuust right.

  4. Think bigger: Pitch for guest posting/ blogging opportunities. Organic growth doesn't have to play small. The risk is minimal (if you're comfortable with boatloads of rejection and/or unanswered emails) but the reward could be thousands of eyes on your writing overnight.

These tips are broad and truly only scratch the surface, there are so many moving parts. If you're looking to elevate your brand and continually funnel ideal clients to you, book a discovery call here, so we can make sure all the little things are working for you.

The way I see it you'll need to spend time and energy and/or money in order to grow fast. If you're looking for a more hands off approach, you'll likely be slow to grow. Everything entrepreneurship is front heavy.

Social media marketing is based in connection and it doesn't generally happen overnight.

If we just met you probably wouldn't invite me in to sit on your couch and enjoy a movie with your family, don't expect your cold audience to buy your projects OR consume your free content in mass that they never asked for. Get to know them, give them what they want more of, then they'll invite you to dinner.

If you're looking for a community of marketing minded therapists, join us in Becoming Social and Searchable: Marketing for Therapists the Facebook group!

Until next time,