Facebook Ads: Copy and Media 101

Facebook ads are easy to disregard... until it's your Facebook ad and your business on the line. The goal of a good ad is for it to be IMPOSSIBLE TO IGNORE, and the pressure to create a high converting ad can be overwhelming.

Today, I'll provide you with some quick tips on the copy and media you should be running tests with, how that breaks down, and the steps you can take to post with confidence. When you set up an ad in Facebook Business Manager, you can review these checklists to set your mind at ease. This is a brief overview of creating and uploading ads that make the best use of their parameters to grab attention and lead to conversions.

We will look at five factors to consider when creating a Facebook ad that speaks to the audience you are calling for:






First up, AD TYPES:

There are three ad types I recommend using in this industry: single image, single video, and carousel (two or more scrollable images or videos). Each type has pros and cons.

  • SINGLE IMAGES are widely-used and easy to create, but because of their abundance on social media, they need to stand out.

  • SINGLE VIDEOS get the best engagement and are recommended, but can be the most time-consuming and frustrating to create! A tip for overcoming this trap is the understand that the “perfect” video won't be attainable... good is good enough!

  • CAROUSELS create buzz and showcase products/multiple items. This is a great ad type in and of itself, and great for final stage re-targeting (ask me more!)

Once you've chosen your preferred ad type, you want to look at the ANATOMY OF AN AD, comprised of words, visuals and space. When choosing your words, make use of an attention-grabbing headline for your ad that states the benefit of what you are offering. Imagery should be high-contrast. If you are using text on top of your videos: name it! Say what it is! For therapists, I recommend that you use text over-top of your images.The space you are provided within Ads Manager should be utilized in its entirety: make sure you have a supporting statement, a call to action and a link that is easily accessed. Test long form vs. short form copy.

Remember to utilize words, visuals and ad space to your advantage! Strong statements and striking imagery offer clarity, grab attention, and create brand cohesion!

In any and all advertising or communication with your audience, consistency is key. You must maintain it, which means:

  • You need to fit your brand (if you are new to hanging out with me, having a clear idea of your brand may be new. Don't worry, I can help).

  • Pay attention to nuances in your language vs your prospective client's. For example, where I might say 'client', you might say 'customer'. Where I might call you a 'therapist', you might refer to yourself by another title.

  • Be cohesive across all platforms, videos, blogs etc. This includes language, text, fonts, colours, vernacular.

  • When choosing what kind of campaign to run, consider your audience, and speak to them. Facebook will show your ad to the people most likely to achieve the result you've selected, but can only do so much in targeting those people based on their online behaviors... (which is the creepiest thing, but this is what we got when we wanted internet to be free).

When posting in your Ads Manager, toggle to Preview On and make sure you're using the sizing that makes for a most visually impactful ad. You can use Instagram story, Instagram Post and Facebook size.

Now it's time to review, and check for the following:

  • Instagram page is linked (if using)

  • Correct Facebook page is selected (if you manage multiple pages)

  • Image/Video looks good

  • Video Captions are correct (if using – checked and no errors)

  • Spelling/grammar

  • All links checked and working

  • Opt in pages/Sales pages checked (do they lead to the given Thank You page?)

  • Headline looks okay (mobile/desktop)

  • UTM codes (if using)

  • Under the Tracking section: ensure toggle is selected so the relevant pixel is tracking all activity

  • Uploaded


1. Create several versions

2. Test, test, test:

  • headlines

  • sub headlines

  • short/long copy

  • capitalization & emojis

  • images with and without text

3. Choose between 2-4 different ads and run A/B testing. If you do it yourself, then you know it's done right.

If you're looking for more support, join us in the Facebook community to catch a free training on this system!

Until next time,