Getting Comfortable on Video

Video content is vulnerable. That's what makes it so effective from a marketing standpoint.

Even bad video is pretty good -- like pizza! 🍕 If you're not currently creating video content as a therapist on the internet, I recommend you change that ASAP.

Today I'm going to share my top tips for getting comfortable on and showing up authentically in video content on Instagram.

Stop trying to be a better version of yourself.

It's crucial to reflect on this before you begin creating video content on Instagram (or after you've started if that's the case). If you take nothing else from this post remember this: an authentic presenter is not focused on maximizing authenticity but rather serving their audience with valuable content!

It's important to be real, that's what makes you relatable. It's OK to stumble over your words, add filler words and talk to fast... I know your content will improve over time because with practice comes ease.

Now let's cover my top tips for getting comfortable on video:

  • Find a friend to help improve your connection to the camera. This is a sure way to get the feedback needed to show on video and have it feel like you're speaking to a friend. You should be the same person IRL as you are on video.

  • Create a pre-film routine to calm yourself down or hype yourself up. This is crucial for the low energy individual or those who experience pre-film jitters. It's easy to see which one should drink and which one should avoid coffee before filming for example. You get to set the tone for your video, so please do so.

  • Be sure you've scheduled adequate time to record, caption and post...yes even for your Instagram Stories. Especially for Instagram Stories. Just because you're intending to post only two minutes worth of video does not mean you shouldn't give yourself the space on the calendar, when you consider writing an outline, filming, captioning, creating any static slides and uploading it's closer to a half an hour job! And if you finish with time to spare you can take a break!

I know it can be intimidating to get started on video and share your day with the internet and I promise you can do this and people care! 🤗 On top of the growth and connection that'll come out of it, your brand and income will experience the same glow up.

Breaking the stigma online through strategic personal branding looks like therapists being able to supersede the standard, unequal power dynamic people associate with therapeutic relationships (thanks Hollywood!) in a way that is ethical and authentic!

You don't have to be stuffy and sterile or become a tell-all influencer to make Instagram marketing profitable for you! If you're ready to take a deep dive into the concepts discussed in this post watch out for my Black Friday deal dropping later this week! You'll get a sweet deal on my mini-course: The Ethical & Modern Therapist's Guide to Instagram Stories.

Until next time, keep breaking that mental healthcare stigma online!