So you want to create alternative products...

I am all for it! I am particularly passionate about helping dismantle the systems in this industry which prevent access and alternatives to 1:1 therapy are one way to do it! Not to mention they can help to achieve financial freedom, passively.

I'd like to point out that you may be missing something...

You need a warm audience to sell to!

Why is this so important and what does it actually mean?

I'm so glad you asked!

First let's name it, then we'll cover how you can claim it.

Really simply stated a warm audience is one that is; ready to buy and/or is interacting with your platforms.

You need to warm an audience up because it means that your audience is ready for your offer. You'll be able to avoid product shock!

Before I tell you how, I really want to show you what warm vs. cold may look like for you on Instagram! Leave me a comment and let me know what temp your audience is! 🔥

How to market your way to a warm audience:

• Do your market research. This allows you to create strategic content easily, utilizing language nuances unique to those buying. Your pain points, wants and needs, and audience input comprise a triangle of content.

• Use market research date to create strategic content. In creating this content, you should always incorporate some storytelling. This content should be valuable, problem-aware, solution-aware and/or polarizing. Do not hesitate to post genuine content that relates to you as a person and you as a brand. If you lose followers over it, they weren't meant to become your clients, anyway. The stronger and clearer you are in your message, the easier it is for people to identify you as the person with whom they want to work.

Build relationships. This is achieved by networking. Your network is a go-to base for referrals and collaborations! Tap in!

• Remember to consistently make sure your messaging is in line with your framework. All of your content should provide your audience with information regarding your unique way, your specific solution, your experience and how efficient you are at delivering results to your clients.

• Make sure to transition to your next product, launch, webinar, etc by bringing your audience behind the scenes. What are your new offers? Show your audience a sneak peak of what you're working on. Screenshot the hype – show your audience some of the feedback you're received that they would never have access to otherwise. Share 'X' number of days until the offer drops. You can't just drop new product on your audience and expect them to be ready for it. You are not Beyoncé.

You know I'm always droning on about content marketing, so here's how it fits in:

Content marketing is how we go from ❄️ to 🔥 with ease. Content marketing is deliberately stimulating interest for your brand using online content of any type. It is free, valuable and relevant content which may:

  • provoke a reaction

  • answer questions or objections

  • build trust with your audience

  • build authority with your audience

  • solve problems

It is crucial when you are employing content marketing that you are speaking directly to your ideal client and your target market.

Content marketing is going to sell for you. When people land, you are offering a consumable and binge-able brand.

REMEMBER: Warm audiences don't happen overnight. Most of us aren't overnight, sustained sensations... You will likely have some failed launches. There are so many moving pieces to launching a product or service; all of them have to be working together in harmony. It will always be easier to be on phone selling yourself, where there is direct client contact and not several steps and pieces that could lose a client from your sales funnel. Above all else be intentional and consistent.

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Talk soon,

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