10 Alternative Coaching Offers: You Don’t Have to Offer 1:1 Coaching Programs!

Many therapists that I work with are passionate about their career. They feel it is their life’s purpose to help others, and they often have personal reasons for entering the field. Their years of schooling and energy spent toward getting licensed show just how dedicated they are.

And yet, they still feel unfulfilled in their current roles. They crave a creative outlet that does not limit the way they show up to serve.

You may have heard the idea that it isn’t possible from your grad school professors, supervisors, and colleagues--unfortunately, it’s a common assumption amongst therapists. But I’m here to encourage you to challenge that limiting belief.

In fact look around at all the therapy influencers, multi passionate therapist-entrepreneurs and other educated, licensed professionals who’re showing up online to make change. Just because you don't know them doesn't mean they aren't an example of what's possible for you too.

With some creative thinking and commitment to working toward your goals (strengths I already know you have as a clinician), I firmly believe that you can make your online business dreams happen. I would know--I’ve worked with 30+ therapists just like you.

One of the most common phrases I hear from therapists I get on sales calls with is “I don’t want to take on 1:1 coaching clients even if they’re worth more than therapy clients”, they plead, “I just want my time back!!!”.

In today’s post, we’ll discuss my top 10 ideas for how you can multiply your revenue that allow you to serve in a 1:Many model or do not mimic traditional 1:1 coaching packages.

1. Mastermind Groups

Mastermind coaching groups offer a unique opportunity to helping professionals looking to break away from traditional 1:1 models of serving their clients.

Within a mastermind community a facilitator exists to help build rapport amongst a curated group of individuals where all individuals can participate in problem solving collaboratively. Masterminds can also offer peer accountability and support, education and a space for brainstorming.

Mastermind groups hinge on great leadership skills exercised by the group facilitator, commitment from the members and confidentiality among all.

These containers can vary in length; a full mastermind group is typically a minimum of six months long extending beyond 12 or even 18 months in length. Shorter mastermind groups are often referred to as mini mastermind groups and range in length usually up to six months.

2. Hybrid Course/Group Program

As you may already know (no shade to serial course buyers) online courses can be a waste of time, money and/or energy. When courses do not include live support it can be difficult to consume all the information and/or implement it as it is being consumed.

For therapists or other helping professionals looking to expand out of working with clients individually, offering a course which includes an element of live support in the form of Q&A group coaching can make success more achievable for your participants.

Not only can offering support and accountability ensure your success rates remain respectable, it can also increase the value of your offer exponentially allowing you to scale your online business with a mid-ticket price tag.

3. Challenge/Bootcamp

Hosting a challenge or bootcamp style offer can be a great way to have a hive-mind type community come together to work toward the same desired outcome in a short period of time.

These types of offers typically last hours to days and can span over one month. There is usually some type of community support element facilitated by the host who also offers classroom style learning - live or pre-recorded.

4. Group Voxer

Voxer is a coaching industry favorite! It’s a walkie-talkie app that allows you to share voice, text, video and photo messages with your contacts on the app. The best part is you can listen to messages in real time unlike similar communication apps like What’s App.

Thanks to Voxer’s group chats feature, online service providers can offer both traditional coaching and peer-support style communities similar to masterminds via the app.

Selling a Voxer group offer may be a great way to deliver a unique and transformational experience to your clients.

5. Office Hours Calls

Office hours are a popular add-on to many online coaching programs, they’re typically added as a bonus group coaching opportunity. Office hours calls can be a great way to increase the lifetime value of your clients without having a dedicated “next step” offer ready for them.

Whether you’re still building out your product suite or you just want to create a low cost, low pressure opportunity for your awesome clients to stay connected to you after your contracts end, open office hours can be a fantastic stand alone offer!

6. Retreats/Events

Whether in person or virtual - retreat and event offerings are so fun and can create a ton of buzz around your online business and personal brand! These offerings can be great traffic generation activities as well!

Many online offerings are marketed and sold as results-driven - because they are. There is also an opportunity to sell experienced based offers and hybrid offers that focus on both experience and results. Event style offerings can be a great way to experiment with selling experiences!

7. Workbook

Workbooks and other digital products are a great way to generate passive income for yourself. When selling digital products like workbooks it’s important to keep in mind that typical conversion rates on social media hover around 1-2%.

While you do need to manage your expectations on how this may contribute to your income goals, it is valuable to have several revenue streams. If you’re already marketing online it makes sense to consider digital products as another income source.

8. Masterclass/Workshop

Masterclass and workshop style offers can be hosted live or ever-green and are a great way to help clients enter your product suite for a low ticket price point. These offers can be easily and inexpensively hosted and recorded on Zoom.

You can easily build a low ticket, passive funnel with recorded sessions too! Tara On Demand recommends WebinarKit, it's got all the bells & whistles of WebinarJam without the hefty price tag!

9. Course/Mini Course

Courses can be a fantastic way to provide your unique knowledge and expertise to clients all over the world. There are an abundance of course hosting platforms available to use for no to low investment each month.

While marketing your course will likely not be passive unless you’re paying for advertising & management services, courses will serve you long after you create them through both lead and income generation.

10. VIP Day

VIP Days tend to be offered as 1:1 services but I wanted to include this option in the blog post because this offer type generally boasts days, weeks, months or even years worth of knowledge learned, implementation planned and results imminent versus 1:1 coaching sessions/packages which may or may not pack the same punch.

VIP Days are an intensive session with an expert which aims to work through blocks while offering an implementation plan to serve the client after leaving the session. They can and do sell for tens of thousands of dollars inside the coaching industry within various niche markets!

Still not sure where you stand? I can help!

You wouldn’t tell your clients to explore just one coping strategy--why do you insist on relying on just one stream of revenue?

I provide clinicians like you with expert advice and personalized support. Together, we can hone in on and grow your brand which will maximize your impact--and your income! Check out my signature group program Create Your Path: Clinicians Who Coach which is enrolling NOW for the August 16 round: https://www.taraondemand.ca/create-your-path