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A 12 week mini-mastermind program for helpers who’re seeking to make more money (and feel good about it) online! 


Guided by Tara On Demand

My role is to provide personalized, high touch support to help you scale your marketing efforts in a way that leaves room for exploration, curiosity and aligns with your vision. 

Forging your own path as a personal brand online can be a daunting task. This mini-mind is your ticket to connecting and building relationships with like-minded, open business owners just like you!

The In Demand Minimind will help you gain:

Clarity + understanding surrounding your current/new lead generation, marketing, and sales processes

A business that stands in integrity. A business that you are not only proud of but in love with!

The ability to show up authentically and in integrity online by setting aside the fear of not being good enough and not having enough

Understanding of what's next for your business and working on the larger vision

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Community and connection of like-minded professionals to forming bonds and friendships

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Dr. Erika Dawkins - Licensed Clinical Psychologist + Sexologist

Tara is thorough and makes sure that everyone walks away with an understanding of what is needed. 

Mickey Atkins - LMSW + Digital Content Creator

The information and trainings inside the mastermind are worth the time and price alone but the connection and human element within the container brings everything to a new level. 

Stephanie Gardner-Wright - LMSW + HSP Coach

Tara guided me in gaining immense clarity not only about business goals, but all the ensuing parts of creating an offer. 

what previous mini-minders have to say

What do you get when you sign up?

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More results & wins!

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The In Demand Minimind is waiting for you!

By the end of this program, you’ll be empowered to continue to follow your own direction as a CEO (with or without a team), walk YOUR OWN path and create the business (and life) you dream of.

I only take 5 clients for this container. Be sure to secure your spot!