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The hybrid course + group program you’ve been waiting for. Join us and learn how to effectively market and monetize your creative endeavor, without feeling salesy or overworked.

You’re ready to put your passion and creativity to work online...


You just need a guide to show you the way.

You’re tired of:

Feeling overworked and underpaid in your private practice or community health work, even if it’s fulfilling

You feel like:

You would love the financial and time freedom of an online business, but find the idea of selling kind of icky

You want to:

Get some help with the business foundations and tech so you can finally start helping others + making money





You can absolutely separate your online business from your clinical practice and protect your licensure

Serving and helping others in a creative way online doesn’t diminish your authority, professionalism, or expertise as a clinician

Marketing your business – yes, making sales – can feel empowering and effortless when done the right way

Building an online business from the ground up can be simple and straightforward when you have the right coach

"I've met and exceeded the goals I set for myself which is incredible, but I've also gained so much confidence and ease after working with Tara."

Tara has this perfect balance of being the most unconditionally supportive ally and the most honest, straight forward accountability partner, which makes her service all the more valuable in my opinion. She will not bullshit you or blow smoke up your ass so you know when she's supportive and excited about your work she really means it! She will help you get outside your comfort zone and grow while still being such bright and fun human being to work with!

I've seen such a HUGE change in my business and in myself over the last 6 months I worked with Tara and I would do it again in a heartbeat. Every question I had about marketing was answered in an easy to understand way and I learned things I didn't even realize I didn't know. I'm continually shocked by Tara's depth of knowledge so I've no doubt that I'll continue to add to my skill set the more I work with her.

- Mickey Atkins, LMSW


Video Content Creator

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Clinicians Who Coach is all about helping you create an online business and offer that lights you up, and then teaching you exactly how to market it in a way that feels authentic and aligned.

Inside the program, you’ll learn how to:

✓ Separate your online business from your private practice


✓ Master your mindset when it comes to money and marketing


✓ Craft your unique personal brand


✓ Build a rock-solid, customized marketing plan


✓ Attract your ideal client 


✓ Show up authentically


✓ Provide a fabulous client experience and generate referrals with ease

… and so much more


Self-Paced Course

You explore the 13 modules and learn everything you need to know about creating an offer, building a sustainable business, and marketing with ease.


Group Calls

You get 16 weeks of group calls, featuring hot-seat coaching and the chance to get answers to all of your questions. These calls are fun and interactive!



Once you have all of the knowledge, it’s time to act. You’ve got 4 months (+lifetime access) of support inside my private Mighty Networks coaching community as you learn, grow, and begin implementing everything from the program.

Access Expert Support:


Your choice of a 10-page website template from Therapist Site Toolbox to maximize separation from your private practice & reduce your time spent creating your new virtual storefront.

➜ Website Template & the Website Copy Bundle [$594 Value]

➜ Matching Social Media Templates [$49 Value]

➜ Social Media Copy Workbook [$57 Value]

➜ Sales Page Copy Workbook [$47 Value]

$747 Value

Yours FREE with Purchase!


Feel confident in your legal foundation with access to several contract templates & a privacy policy for your new website from a licensed attorney. We'll also have access to coaching services provided by a licensed attorney during the program!

➜ Coaching Agreement [$397 Value]

➜ Mastermind Agreement [$397 Value]

➜ Event Agreement [$397 Value]

➜ Online Course Agreement [$397 Value]

➜ Privacy Policy [$139 Value]

$1727 Value

Yours FREE with Purchase!

The Investment:

Payment Options Avaliable

➜ Paid in full

➜ 6 Monthly Payments

➜ 4 Monthly Payments

Connect With Your Coach

Hi, I’m Tara – the go-to marketing coach for clinicians!

My mission in life is to create easy and convenient access to mental healthcare for everyone. 


I started my career with a Business degree and a desire to serve. I quickly saw colleagues and employees suffering from corporate burnout, with no real solutions offered. 


Once I left the corporate world and started working with therapists in a marketing and consultancy capacity – I was horrified to see how mental health professionals were egregiously overworked and severely underpaid. 


Now, I’ve combined my marketing expertise with my passion for accessible mental healthcare… and found great success helping therapists serve others and find financial and time freedom online. 


I empower my clients to show up as humans – authentically and compassionately – so they can help others, make money, and feel good about it. 


I can’t wait to help you, too!



➜ A clear understanding of your online business identity and offer


➜ Confidence to show up authentically and attract your ideal clients


➜ More money, more free time, and more freedom


➜ A business that fulfills you without draining you of your time and energy


➜ Foundational marketing skills that will serve you forever


➜ A compassionate, smart coach who will help you find your way, not the “right” way


➜ Everything you need to build, market, and run the online business of your dreams

"I came to her at a loss of what to do... the second I met Tara and talked to her on a discovery call I realized that she was the perfect fit for me!"

What if I don’t know what kind of business I want to start?

Great! The foundational part of this program will help you figure out a business idea and model that feels aligned and serves your unique goals.

You asked, I answered...

Are we required to follow a set plan or framework?

I believe your business path should be completely customized to you. I don’t believe in a “right way” of doing things, but I will help you find your way.

The investment feels like a lot to me...

So not totally a question, but I hear you. You’ve got flexible payment plan options to make the investment easier. Investing in yourself might feel scary, but it’s so worth it.


When does the program begin?

You'll get access to the private coaching community + course immediately upon sign up. You'll be able to begin work through the modules. The group calls will begin the week of August 16.

Do I have to offer coaching?

Absolutely not! I've supported clients to create several other revenue streams including monetizing their YouTube channel, booking speaking engagements, creating classroom style learning opportunities, selling digital products like guided meditations and so much more!

I don't want to be the face of my brand...

Not a question again, but I hear you. You’ve got options to make the marketing easier and make it work. Being seen might feel scary, but it’s so worth it. If you're truly a behind-the-scenes gal, contact me at to discuss if this program is the right fit for you!

You deserve free time and financial freedom.

An online business can give you that!


But you’ve got to start with a strong foundation, figure out what works for you, and market like a pro if you want to get results.